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[11] The team also considered Ellie important for marketing; Druckmann said that, when asked to move the image of Ellie from the front of the game's packaging to the back, "everyone at Naughty Dog just flat-out refused". In exchange for bringing him whiskey, she asks that he teach Ellie how to ride a horse. Ellie returns to the farmhouse and finds it empty. Entering, the two fool around with the machine's settings and are confused by the prompt soliciting When Ellie took out the toy robot that she gave him from her backpack she said "I should have said something different to you." Ellie follows her discretely and successfully sneaks up on her. On her sixteenth birthday in 2035, Joel takes her to an abandoned museum in Jackson. Around the time Marlene and Ellie planned to leave Boston for Salt Lake City. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Ellie listens as Joel and Henry converse. February 11, 2020 | Arne Meyer. Despite Abby no longer feeling animosity towards her, Ellie was determined to exact revenge on Abby, and threatened the weakened Lev at knife-point so that she agreed to fight, revealing her moral boundaries had been shattered by her rage for Abby. Ellie and Dina's friendship develops and, along with Jesse, the three help other Jackson residents patrol the outskirts to defend against hordes of Infected and any wandering marauders that could pose a threat. He is immediately opposed and demands Marlene find someone else. David often talks to Ellie in a patronizing tone and treats her like a child. [60] Wallace of Game Informer named Joel and Ellie one of the "best gaming duos of 2013", appreciating their interest in protecting each other. Nora remains loyal to Abby and refuses to give her up. The Last of Us Part II Ellie Edition restock, key art and more. 5 Joel: Gone Is His Violent Reputation Joel had quite a reputation pretty much around the world for being a … At one point, Joel states he is going to teach Ellie how to play the guitar and how to swim. After dealing with the soldiers and Infected, Ellie follows Nora's coughing and finally corners her in a corridor. Eventually, she finds a radio and turns the power on to listen in on WLF conversations. Druckmann has stated that, while Joel is the protagonist of. Joel tries to dissuade her from staring but she claims she has "seen worse". This self-parenting trait is related to her time spent in an orphanage, where she had learned to fend for herself. [46] Her speed and agility has also greatly increased and is her best asset, easily able to outrun or easily chase down anyone pursuing or running away from her regardless of the terrain or environment by being able to slide or vault over obstacles with ease. At this point Ellie believed Abby killed Joel because he prevented the world from having a cure for the fungal infection. [19] Druckmann was also inspired by wars that took place in Syria and Afghanistan; he felt that, like Ellie, conflict was familiar to the children in those countries. Ellie expresses regret at having forgotten to put the toy robot on his grave before they left. When Joel finishes the song, Ellie says that it "didn't suck." When playing as Joel, Ellie is invisible to enemy AI until they spot Joel. As they talk, it becomes clear that there is still some tension between Ellie and Joel, indicating she is unsatisfied with Joel's answers about the Fireflies ending their search for a cure. She initially bonded with Tess more than Joel, the woman protecting her when in the derelict building and talking to her more than Joel. The two depart from the carousel as Ellie picks and chooses jokes to tell until they come across a photo booth. Part II [49], Later that night, Ellie came to Joel's house, finding him playing his guitar and drinking coffee on his porch. Ellie and Jesse's truck still runs, but the noise of the crash alerts a horde of Infected. Riley takes her to a camp where she meets her friend, Winston, a resident of the mall. The Last of Us 2's Ellie is a Character Defined by Others. The Last of Us Part II Ellie Edition Returns You’ve been sending us letters, e-mails, and messages on social media asking if we could get more Ellie Editions in your hands. She told him that she thinks scorpions are creepy, trying to be reflective, but opened up when she realizes how serious Sam was; she admitted she was afraid of ending up alone. Ellie goes with Tommy, her girlfriend Dina, and friend Jesse to Seattle, Washington to exact revenge. 85 Ellie (The Last of Us) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Unnamed father Anna (mother) Dina (ex-girlfriend) Cat (ex-girlfriend) JJ (adopted son) Joel Miller (adoptive father) Tommy Miller (adoptive uncle) Maria Miller (adoptive aunt) It was revealed in a trailer in May 2012. [55], However, her strength has limits and foes will break out of her grasp if she doesn't act quickly enough. This one costs just $699 USD. They follow the highway to reach the FEDRA wall marking the edge of the Quarantine Zone. Ellie mocks his scar and insists he cannot stop her vengeance. To "lighten the mood", Ellie reveals a jokebook she possesses, quoting several jokes from it as they go to take their minds off of the dangers in the world, if all too briefly. Joel though presses that, regardless of Dina's intentions, she would be fortunate to have Ellie as her partner. Dismounting from the horse, Ellie thanks her for bringing her to the mall. Ellie thanks Joel for her birthday present. Ellie is distraught over the revelation that a cure was possible but Joel stopped it by massacring everyone in the hospital, causing her to declare that she and Joel "are done." Having disabled many of his traps and alerting an overwhelming swarm of the Infected to their presence in the process, Bill subdues both of them, fearful that they have been bitten. Ellie informs him that she is leaving for Seattle, with or without Tommy or anyone else. Now realizing his intentions, Ellie breaks his finger and attempts to retrieve his keys, to which David responds by slamming her against the cell bars and threatening her life.[36]. While inside, they take down numerous Infected before a Bloater ambushes them. [20] Left Behind sees Riley's behavior change Ellie, resulting in the latter's focus to fight in order to save those close to her. Joel chuckles and says he will take what he can get. The pair has slowly bonded with the brothers but this ended when Sam became infected and Henry commits suicide out of grief for killing his brother. Ellie is a character in the video games The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog. However, the man is irritated by their presence. Ellie will also sometimes stab an enemy in the back with her switchblade if the enemy is strangling Joel, thus allowing Joel to break free.

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