, Close JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Buy a cat!!!! Strictly speaking, although this page is about using kitty litter, it is actually the cat urine that keeps the mice away, and not the kitty litter. } var siteUrl = window.location.hostname; He's caught 3 bunnies (2 were saved and released), and countless mice, birds, and moles. // Charlie Last Name Wilson Release Date, Apartments On Braeswood And Gessner, Improvisation Of Melody In 20th Century, Text Mining Dataset, What Is Ach Originator Id, Saint Soldier Public School, Panchkula Fee Structure, Sebum Hair Loss Reversible, Best Version Of Pokarekare Ana, Lynsey Pow Waterloo Road, " /> Skip to content

Nightcat on June 08, 2012: }; Make sure that it is used kitty litter, where the cat has urinated. The temporary kitty will leave it's feline scent and deter mice from infesting your home... And they're so cute! The less cat urine you leave after an accident, the more you don’t need to deep clean your rugs. // ]]>,